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Supervision is a private relationship. CSCSW is not responsible for overseeing supervision or any financial arrangements between Supervisor and Supervisee. It is up to the supervisor and supervisee to make their arrangements in accordance with state regulations. CSCSW does not endorse any of the names on this list, and has not done any investigation as to the quality or propriety of any of the persons on this list to be a supervisor of any candidate. This list is provided solely as an accommodation and anyone using this list or contacting anyone on this list for supervision or other purposes does so entirely at their own risk and waives any claim against CSCSW.

Supervisor Agreement

Supervision is a necessary component of clinical training, which is no longer widely available in agencies where ASW's work. For this reason CSCSW has created a Supervisor List of CSCSW members who provide supervision, either in an agency or private practice, as a valuable resource for our ASW members.

To add your name to the Supervisor List, please complete the form at: Supervisor Agreement FormIn submitting this form you agree that you have read and understand that CSCSW is simply providing a list of supervisors and making it available to potential supervisees who are members of our organization. Arrangements between supervisor and supervisee, such as fees, number of sessions, etc. are your responsibility to make in accordance with BBS regulations. Consult for further information.

Supervisor List

Anderson, Amy

Cell phone: (619) 708-0764 |

Private Practice address: 2525 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 313 | San Diego, CA 92108

Hello, I have 14 years experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults in various settings. I have been providing clinical supervision for the last two years in my full time job as well as my part time private practice located in Mission Valley.

I have worked for Child Welfare Services, non-profit agencies focused on mental health services in the home, private substance abuse treatment center, inpatient hospital for acute to moderate mental health issues, and currently working in the criminal justice environment providing clinical supervision to ACSW and MSW students.

I also run a part time private practice where I meet with individuals who are struggling with life transitions (moves, deaths, births, parenting transitions, divorce/relationship turbulence, identity discoveries and transformations). We typically review challenging cases, ethical and legal considerations, and high risk factors to consider and assess for the ACSW. Additionally, I tend to utilize Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Positive Psychology, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, EMDR, and Cognitive Therapy/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and review these theories in group and individual supervision regularly.

I provide clinical group supervision on Tuesdays evenings and individual by appointment.

Bell, Elena

Cell phone: (626) 818-1444 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address:  1495 N. Lake Ave. | Pasadena, CA  91104

Let me help you meet your goals!

I am an experienced, supportive, and reliable LCSW. Licensed for over 17 years, I am a clinical supervisor, specializing in children, individuals, families and couples.

Contact me at for inquiries and more detailed information.Beller, Thomas

Work phone: (202) 669-8513 | Cell phone: (202) 669-8513 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 3105 Pasternack Place | San Diego, CA  92123

Supervision for psychodynamic therapy

Berliner, Gabie

Work phone: (415) 751-7476 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 120 Commonwealth Ave. | San Francisco, CA 

I have practiced for over 40 years in an outpatient setting and privatly. Over the years I have supervised social work students and social workers for licensing hours.  It is an activity that I enjoy immensely. My practice has been with children, parents, couples, and individual adults. My theoretical orientation is psychodynamic and object relations.

Carter, Stacey L., LCSW, PPSC

Work phone: (310) 729-7146 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 5150 Candlewood St. Ste.10B | Lakewood, CA  90712

Coakley, Camilla

Cell phone: (917) 658-1347 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: Sausalito, CA 

I specialize in working with supervisees interested in honing their clinical skills and especially taking an integrated solution focused approach.   I have an expertise in motivational interviewing and work with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, adhd, couples, teens, womens issues, weight loss/wgt management.

My approach is a systems approach in that I look at whats going on in every aspect of a clients life including but not limited to diet and exercise.  Paying particular attention to current and past struggles and working together with client to overcome these obstacles to living a healthier, happier life.

Hoffman, Cindy K., LCSW

Work phone: (858) 354-6042 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 10630 Amberglades Lane | San Diego,   92130

Very Flexible schedule and cost of Supervision. I have worked with a varied population and backgrounds. I also have provided clinical supervision as an Independent Contractor at a multitude of agencies all over San Diego.

Rubin, Jane L., Psy.D, LCSW

Work phone: (310) 208-3313 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 48 Ozone Ave | Venice, CA  90291

I am well grounded in Object Relations thinking. I have been influence by Winnicott and Fairburn. Self Psychology was a base or much of my learning. I earned my MSW in 1968, my Psy.D degree in 1995. I supervise in a dialogue listen carefully to the therapists observations, questions and speculations. My office is in my home at the north end of Venice. I specialization is in psychodynamic psychotherapy, with a focus on the relational spectrum in their history and in the consultation with me. so call if you want....


Work phone: (323) 692-9003 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 321 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Suite 622 | Los Angeles, CA  90004

I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist with 20+ years of practice experience. I am a generalist, having seen a wide variety of clients with a multiplicity of presenting problems. I see clients ranging from older adolescents to seniors, couples and individuals.

Miller, Linda

Work phone: (650) 269-6875 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 260 Sheridan Ave, Suite 208 | Palo Alto, CA  94306

Miller, Rozanne

Cell phone: (562) 704-2053 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 4700 Spring St. #204 | La Mesa, CA  91942

My philosophical approach to clinical work & to supervision is holistic. It involves the integration of mind & body in an Erik Erickson developmental task life cycle context.

Nakanishi, Christina, LCSW, LCS #29601  

Work phone: (619) 398-6149 |

Private Practice Address: 13446 Poway Road #140 Poway, CA 92064

Private Practice

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator. I’ve been providing counseling services to children, teenagers, adults and families for nine years. I have a diverse background and experience in a variety of settings and treatment modalities. I use a holistic approach to empower others to find their own healing and growth.

Niehaus, Leah

Work phone: (310) 546-4111 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 2615 Pacific Coast Hwy., Ste. 217 | Hermosa Beach, CA  90254

I specialize in working with children, youth, and families.  In particluar, I tend to work with adolescents and their families.  I also run group therapy with middle and high school aged girls.

Pernet, Karen

Work phone: (510) 923-0520 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 3725 Coolidge Ave | Oakland, CA  94602

I have been supervising as part of my private practice in Oakland for over 10 years. I have a specialty in play therapy and sandtray therapy and am a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor.

Reisman, Anne

Work phone: (310) 963-4207 | Cell phone: (310) 963-4207 |

Private Practice address: 458 S Crescent Drive | Beverly Hills, CA 90212

I enjoy supervising social workers and have helped prepare a number of MSW's for their Licensing exams.

Rathmann, Kelly

Cell phone: (707) 695-6427 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 7 Fourth St., Suite 43 | Petaluma, CA  94952

I provide individual clinical supervision either in my private practice or in the intern's agency.  My office is located in Petaluma, and I provide clinical supervision in Sonoma Co (Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, etc.). My schedule is flexible. I have experience with children (0-18) in the foster care system, families, adults with chronic illness, veterans, trauma, anxiety and depression.  My hourly fee is $50. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Rhodes, Karen

Cell phone: (650) 218-5168 |


Agency Address: 961 Laurel Street, Suite 204 | San Carlos, CA 94070

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCS27384) who has worked over 25 years in county mental health.  I graduated from  San Francisco State University with a Masters of Social Work (specializing in Individual, Family and Groups). 

My clinical experience has included working with individuals and families who are dealing with a variety of mental health issues, including severe mental health disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder) as well as people dealing with other issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief and loss).

I have worked in locked psychiatric hospitals, community-based mental health board and care homes, community outpatient clinics, temporary and LPS conservatorship, and a mental health court program.

I provide clinical supervision to ASW's and MFTi's who are collecting clinical hours for licensure. I have completed the 15 hour supervision course required by the BBS to be able to provide clinical supervision.

Rogers, LCSW, ABD, Mick J

Work phone: (530) 564-6425 | Cell phone: (530) 320-1075 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 3333 Victoria Place | Davis, CA  95616

Mick earned a certificate from Smith College School for Social Work's Advanced Clinical Supervision program and is doing his dissertation at Smith's Clinical PhD program on a clinical supervision issue.

Mick has supervised more than 100 clinicians in his 38 year career. He has served as clinical director at Sutter Counseling Center's Child Guidance Clinic, St. Louis County Child Mental Health and was the primary clinical supervisor at Sacramento State's Student Health & Counseling Center.

Mick supervises from a psychodynamic base that is enriched by family and group therapy theories.

Sanchez, Erik 

Cell phone: (619) 554-8790 |

Private Practice address: 3130 Bonita RD, SUITE 108 | Chula Vista, 91910

I am a LCSW with over 20 years experience working with children, teens, and families who have been exposed to various traumas. I have a vast background working with a diverse population from all backgrounds in CWS, Hospice, community clinics, CDCR, and Veterans. I provide individual or group clinical supervision in my private practice office.

Singer, Natasha

Work phone: 747-256-2156| Cell phone: 747-256-2156 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 12021 Valleyheart Drive, #203 |Studio City, CA  91604-2048

I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker with over 25 years working with a variety of clients in locked inpatient psychiatric, outpatient and inpatient substance abuse and Hospice as well as private practice. I specialize in Trauma, Grief and Loss, Addictions, Depression as well as Spiritual questions, and terminal illness. I am psychodynamic and relational. I am holistic in my approach and focus on somatic practices including Brainspotting, Trauma Resiliency Model and Thought Field Therapy. I supervised MSWs in NY and supervise ASWs and MFTs here in California. I am always excited to work with new therapists.

Susskind, Andrew

Work phone: (310) 281-8681 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 2550 Overland Avenue Suite 100 | Los Angeles, CA  90064

I have a general practice but specialize in trauma and addictions.  I treat individuals and families and lead two ongoing process groups.  I was trained psychodynamically at UCLA but consider myself to be relationally-focused. I'm also a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and have recently added Brainspotting.

Webb, Audrey

Work phone: (510) 287-5988 |

Private Practice

Private Practice Address: 2041 Bancroft Way | Berkeley, CA  94704

I have worked with children, and families for 40 years. After Graduate School  I worked   in an in-patient Psychiatric Hospital, consulted with residential treatment programs and worked in a School for the Deaf. I attended a Doctoral Program at the Sanville Institute. Currently I supervise Interns in a Psychotherapy Training Program and consultees  who need hours toward Licensure . I now see mainly adults dealing with transition, trauma, relationship issues.

My practice is very diverse  including   work with LGBTQ clients.

CSCSW | P.O. Box 60937, Palo Alto, CA 94306 | 650-460-9210 |

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