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Therapy Cracks Me Up by Jean Rosenfeld

Monday, November 06, 2017 6:39 PM | CSCSW Administrator (Administrator)
Therapy Cracks Me Up is an insightful and humorous collection of cartoons about psychotherapy. It is created by a psychotherapist who has cartooned her way through a career working with kids, teens, adults and seniors. This book reveals many of the joys, pains and frustrations of the human condition as they show up in the therapy hour (“Clem the Stem Cell has an identity crisis”). Clients baffled by rapidly changing political, social and cultural forces (“Potato Head experiments with gender identity”) and therapists dealing with ever-changing therapeutic modalities, diagnoses (“Diagnosis by Daisy Petal Picking”) and medications are depicted here to enlighten and amuse you. Therapy Cracks Me Up provides a comic perspective on every age, from childhood (“I have attention deficit disorder – I need more attention!”), through teens and young adulthood, married life (“I didn’t start the fight – that was a pre-emptive strike!”), middle age and the senior years (“I not only have a bucket list – I have a f*ck-it list”). The whimsical drawings and situations appeal to therapists and clients alike, as well as anyone who has ever read a self-help book or Googled a diagnosis.

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Jean Rosenfeld has created cartoons about psychotherapy through most of her 30+ year career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Sacramento area. Her cartoons have been published in magazines, newsletters and on various websites for psychotherapists. She also co-created The Pregnancy Game that was used nationally in teen pregnancy programs; and illustrated and co-authored Baby and Other Teachers, a parenting book for young parents.

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